Wednesday, August 13, 2008

San Francisco -- City by the Bay

Well we made it to San Francisco. We landed about 2:30 Frisco time. We skipped the hotel shuttle and grabbed a cab. Best $20 we've spent so far.

As soon as we checked into our hotel, we had to call Northwest Airlines. In their infinite wisdom they booked us several rows apart on our last flight. The nice guy sitting next to Mark was kind enough to swap seats with Beth.

Since we have three seats tomorrow (Mark bought two seats so we'd have more room) under two different confirmation numbers, we knew it would be a problem. After about 10 minutes on hold and the involvement of a supervisor, Northwest assures us we will have three seats together for the rest of our journey.

By the way, you have to buy anything you eat on a NW flight. Snacks were $3, a snack box $5 and Beth got a fruit and cheese snack box....which was $7. Why don't they just raise the ticket price and throw that stuff in for free?

Still, we're glad we knocked out this part of the journey today. From the time we left our house until we landed in SF was 10 and a half hours.

We're having dinner and breakfast here at the hotel and plan to leave for the airport at 10am Thursday. We'll meet others in our travel group there, and then it's an 18-hour trip from SF to Guangzhou...with a plane change in Tokyo.

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Petrie said...

Sending you blessings and sending up prayers for a good night's sleep and safe travels tomorrow. Can't wait to see your smiling faces as you hold Merrilee for the first time!