Monday, August 18, 2008

Its 5:25 in the morning here and we are already awake.

We had a fun but tough first day. Merrilee played a lot with us, but when it comes to being held or fed, she wants daddy to do it all. This is not uncommon for Chinese babies. They sometimes take to one parent first and it takes a few days to get to warm up to the second parent. That still makes it hard.

Merrilee has a good appetite. Yesterday she chowed down on a lot of fruit including watermelon and kiwi and she ate some steamed egg.

Today after breakfast we go back to the registration office for more paperwork. By the way Merrilee is walking all over the place. She is very stable on her feet.

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Petrie said...

Congratulations on your wonderful first day with Merrilee! She is just a joy to look at. Yes, it's normal for her to take to one parent first. Just be patient. Our daughter took to me at first, but warmed up to Dad pretty quickly. Merrilee's world has been turned upside down. She'll come around. On another note, we got a referral yesterday! Now we're not too far behind you! Blessings, Petrie

emily said...

Mark and Beth,
Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. I am Jodi, Nikki Metten's sister. She has told me so much about you guys. I know it has been great for her to get to know the two of you. I wish all 3 of you the blessings beyond compare. Love,

Jackson said...

Hi Guys,
Michael Phelps may have won the gold in China, but you win the real prize. Congrats on your beautiful Merrilee. I'm sure that she'll be running the Miller house very soon.
See you back in the states.
Jackson and Ellen Beth

Bill said...

Congrats to all three of you... from the looks of things, you've already got this parenting thing all figured out. Now you've got about 20 years to work on the details!

Bill, Joanie & Jake.

buggieboo01 said...

All kids usually go through stages and prefer one parent to the other. I went through it with Katie. It goes in spurts. I am so happy for you. My highlight of the day is checking out the blog. I am so happy for you all and thrilled things are going so well.