Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The PC In China

By the way, there are computers and cell phones everywhere here.

The postings with the pictures are being done from the business office at the hotel, since we didn't lug a laptop with us on the trip. The others are being emailed in by my Blackberry.

It's pretty easy to use the computers here. The keyboards have dual markings -- English and Chinese.

The screen, however, is all Chinese. So you have to hope you remember which boxes are where and know what you are supposed to type in them.


Sharon Jones said...

Merrilee looks so content and comfortable. I cry when I see her with her bunny. I see the love in your eyes. Not that I'm rushing things, but can't wait for next FRIDAY!

wŏ ài nĭ

Kim M. said...

the only words to describe that sleeping photo are angel. I love pictures of sleeping babies.

Glad things are going well. Can't wait to see what fun things you find at Walmart!